Our range of automatisms for public lighting management

Citylone solutions are opened and interoperables. According to the range of solutions, they work with different type of communication: DALI, 3G/4G, CPL, LonWorks® and different kind of radio protocols.
Citylone products can fit the need of any realization: new or renovation, magnetic or electric ballasts, LED or sodium lamps, remote control or autonomous solutions…

Common features of Citylone products are :


  • Media used: Power Line Communication (PLC)
    Data communication through the existing electrical network: no additional cabling or antenna to add
    Repeating to avoid information loss : information is repeated by all the elements, till the latest element of the line has received the information.


  • Communication protocol on LonWorks® network
    Non proprietary : open and interoperable (Norm EN50065), it allows communication of all kind of materials using the same protocol, even from different providers.


  • Highest attention given to product quality
  • Resin or tropicalization of all products for a better resistance to humidity and corrosion
  • Use of components with MTBF over 100 000h
  • 5 years warranty by standard exchange
  • French design and manufacturing