Driven solutions – precise and simple management of outdoor lighting

To manage lighting of a place, a small site, an area linked to a building (such as town hall, school…), collectivities need simple but precises solutions.
Citylone has developped driven solution to fit this need : a simple but precise way to manage lighting on a given area


Each pole is equiped with a controller (SL42 for magnetic ballasts, SL31 or SL21 for electronic ballasts).
At the cabinet, a driven managing system made of one Citylone Pilot (SL-TPE) and an astronomical clock.
System allows lighting dimming during the night at precise times; lighting hours, dimming hours, levels, slopes…all parameters can be adapted to the needs and thanks to the screen of the Citylone pilot.
Controllers installed in the poles get the command from the pilot to operate. System is configured for a today operation but can be modified till main shutdown.


Linked with an automat (such as iLon, ECBos, or any other automat using RS232 or RS 485…) system can perfectly be adapted to management of a car park linked to a building. In this case, system integrates a powerline gateway (SL-GAT) which get back lighting management information (switching on, off, dimming, failures) on the Building Management System software. This solution allows to get a unique system to manage indoor and outdoor of the building.


Easy installation and use (no nodes commissionning)

Energy savings

Level, times of dimming, slopes, configurables according to needs

Optimization for a lighting exactly adapted to the use of the location

Increase light life lenght

Driven installation for small cost

Can evolve easily towards a remote control management keeping the same controllers in the poles.