Autonomous solutions – outdoor lighting management

To tailored to the needs of small collectivities, rural areas or area with very low frequentation, Citylone proposes autonomous outdoor lighting management solutions.
This solution helps you to manage autonomously lighting with a dimming or switching off in the middle of the night.
Discover in details our solutions in the below explanations.


Each pole is equiped with an autonomous controller (SL42 for magnetic ballasts, SL31 or SL21 for electronic ballasts). Switching on and off at the beginning and end of the night is managed by general system. Controllers calculate middle of the night point according to the previous night ; then, they will determine, according to configured time T1 and T2 (before and after the middle of the night, between -8 hours and + 8 hours) when the dimming must be done. These times T1 and T2 can be differents.


These times, as well as switching on level and dimming level in the middle of the night can be modified and configured with a simple remote controller. As the modules are controlled in powerline technology, at any change, the modification is transmitted to other controllers of the line. A derogation mode can also permit you to force the installation for a lighting without dimming, according to the events.


This system can also evoluate towards full remote control system, keeping the same controllers in the poles.


Very easy installation

Quick energy savings

No additional accessories

Modification on one module which transfer to others

Dimming adapted to the night length and that evolves according to seasons

Derogation mode

Can evolve to remote control solutions with same controllers