SmartLighting-Box® :

Cabinet Management Solution

You want to get a simple but efficient solution to know critical failures and consumption of your lighting ?
You want a connected system for switching off your cabinets when you wish?
You want to choose lighting parameters to optimize your savings?


SmartLighting-Box® is the solution to your needs: all in one cabinet solution, it is made of a unique module, which integrates an astro-optimized configurable clock, a bidirectionnal communication system and a web portal.


This system helps you to manage all your cabinets in the same interface, to know and control consumptions, to receive alarms (line which did not switch on, open door…) to program lighting on a calendar…


Its astronomical clock, with a dedicated algorithm developped by Citylone engineers, based on the experience of the company in public lighting, allows a perfectly adapted lighting :


– offset of switching on and off according to your location: night does not begin at the same hours if you are at East or West of the country

– offset of switching on and off according to season: night comes more or less quicker according to seasons

– forcing of lighting according to weather : during a automn night with lot of clouds, switching on a few minutes sooner increase citizen security sensation ; and you can save a few minutes of lighting when the weather is very clear !


For more information : Documentation SmartLighting-Box