Public lighting management technologies

Expert in management lighting solution for more than 10 years,  Citylone, designs, manufactures and sells products dedicated to public lighting.
Citylone masters lots of technologies of this application field, in powerline or radiofrequence technology.




Citylone has a range of products which uses Powerline technology. This way of communication allows to send data through existing electrical network.
To communicate, Citylone has chosen open and interoperable LonWorks® protocol in PLC (ISO/IEC 14908 -Norm CENELEC EN 50065-1). This solution is the most convenient because all equipment’s using this protocol, even from different manufacturers, can communicate together.


This system warranties permanent communication between for example segment controller (i.LON from Echelon) and lighting controllers (SLxx from Citylone). It evaluates quality of communication and allows “repeating “ of orders (repeating of orders send by one of the controller of the line till the latest has received the information).


Even though Citylone is a young company, thanks to Arcom group, it beneficiates of more than 25 years’ experience in LonWorks® use (technology used by Arcom group for indoor lighting).



New technologies has been developped today and radio technologies are now largely deployed: Citylone develops today solutions using LoRaWAN radio protocol to answer to the new needs of the collectivities. We have chosen this  standardized protocol, which allows, as we do in powerline, to maintain interoperability with other actors of the market or of the smart city.


      We also develop Wirepas protocol solutions in order to be able to deploy a mesh network, especially for our detection solutions where the luminaires must be able to communicate together. This solution offers the same possibilities than powerline technology with a radio protocol.

Technical support and assistance

Citylone proposes a large range of products and technical solutions, which, even if we pay major attention to simplicity of installation and use, may need some help for installation or specific training to be used in the most optimized way.


Our engineering office is available for pre-project. We regularly work with public lighting consultant to find solutions adapted to their needs and there innovation and novelties desires. Each project is carefully student and if none of our existing solution answer to the defined need, we may develop with you a dedicated solution.   Mastering the design of our product allow us to get a large flexibility and our company can be very reactive in order to optimized answering time.


Formation à la SmartlightingBox Citylone

All our products are delivered with a Technical guide to help you during installation and use of our products. We are also available to assist you during your installations : phone support, on site visits if needed, internal or external training… Citylone’s team are here to help you and support you in order for you to be autonomous for next installation or next solution parametering.



For remote control solutions, we can also propose different prestations such as :


  • Lighting point programming : this prestation dedicated to powerline solutions includes creation of the project via SLV interface, preparation of the project with SLV Design (parametering, times, adressing of the Citylone nodes), segment controller configuration, check of the final installation
  • Data hosting and communication services to get access to our website


Feel free to contact our export sales service for any request : contact