Network equipments

Several additional elements can be added to Citylone products, in any kind of solutions. Our experience in public lighting allows us to propose you PLC network equipment certified by our technical teams. Feel free to contact us for any complement.


– Segment controller : Citylone proposes a segment controller ILON SmartServer prepared with Streetlight.Vision software and the full license for using, configuring, installing, collecting data and command the controllers through the web portal.
Segment controller is also available without software.


– 4G router : Citylone proposes a complete range of modems to get information feedback from each electrical cabinet till the supervision system.


– Radio bridges: radio bridges allow limitation of segment controllers number (and then modems and communication cost) allowing radio communication between closed luminaries’lines.


– Input/Output module : to manage failure of lines and external switches.


– RS485/RS232 – powerline gateway: SL-GAT gateway allow to drive remotely equipment which protocol is based on RS232 or RS485 protocol. Aim is to drive any kind of equipment: display units, variable messages panels, measure instruments…


– Phase couplers : phase couplers allow powerline signal propagation from 2 separated electrical networks.


For any documentation or information : demande information accessoires.


Many other accessories are available, feel free to contact us for any questions.