Technologies in public lighting management

Citylone solutions are opened and interoperables. According to the range of solutions, they work with different type of communication: DALI, 3G/4G, CPL, LonWorks® , LoRaWAN or Wirepas radio protocols.
Citylone products can fit the need of any realization: new or renovation, magnetic or electric ballasts, LED or sodium lamps, remote control or autonomous solutions…

Citylone products works either in Powerline or in Radio frequence:


  • Power Line Communication (PLC) with LonWorks® protocol
    Data communication through the existing electrical network: no additional cabling.
    Repeating to avoid information loss : information is repeated by all the elements, till the latest element of the line has received the information. Open and interoperable protocol (Normed EN50065), it allows communication of all kind of equipments using the same communication protocol, even from different manufacturers.


  • Radio frequence LoRaWAN or Wirepas
    Communication by radio frequence without additional wiring.

Standardized protocols to be able to communicate with products from other manufacturers and be integrated into the smart city with mutualization of other competences of the city (parking, garbage, environment…). Citylone radio products can gather data from other sensors in the city, even products on battery.

Management of standard network or high tension, independantly from electrical networks.



  • In both cases highest attention given to product quality

Resin or tropicalization of all products for a better resistance to humidity and corrosion

Use of components with MTBF over 100 000h

5 years warranty by standard exchange

French design and manufacturing from electronical card in our Lyon’s factory.