Point lumineux Citylone

Lighting point controllers range, installed in the pole or the luminary for local or connected solutions.

Connexion : standard, Nema, Zhaga

Protocol: PLC Lonworks, radio LoRaWAN or Wirepas

Armoire Citylone

Cabinet controllers range for public lighting cabinet supersivion or lighting point remote control

Protocol: PLC Lonworks, radio LoRaWAN or Wirepas

Détection Citylone

Infrared presence sensors in DALI

Can be integrated in the luminaire or orientable on the pole

Réseaux Citylone

Equipement range for CPL architecture certified by Citylone :

4G routers, radio bridges, LonWorks couplers…

Supervision Citylone

Supervision tools and partners providers for certified supervision solutions

Smartphone Citylone

Accessories to configurate your local or connected installation: myCitylone app’s for lighting point inventory or on site installation configuration