Configure your public lighting site from your smartphone

myCitylone application allows you to configurate your public lighting site from your smartphone, thanks to the Bluetooth connexion to the controllers : lighting point inventory creation for connected installation, direct parametering and consultation of programs for a local installation. Simple and efficient !


Local solution configuration:

Application allows you, from your smartphone, to consult parameters of a SL-Easy local installation and modify it : forcing of the installation to validate wiring, checking of detection during the day thanks to an indicator light, programmation of levels, slopes… everything is made from the application, simple and intuitive.

Once parametering done, you just need to send it to the cabinet module who will transfer it to all the controllers in powerline.


Controllers inventory for a lighting point connected solution:

Identifying controllers during the commissioning of a remote control lighting solution can be very fastidious and delicate. myCitylone application allows in a few clicks to auto-position controllers, scan their barcode, get all the information about the lighting point and send directly a file with all the information into your mailbox. You work with confidence as the file is complete with all the information you need to master your installation.


Configuration and maintenance of a connected solution:

Connected solution get a supervision for global management but during primary confirguration it is always intersting to be able to modify locally essential paremeters. Application is also a fantastic tool for maintenance as it allows to know programming directly on site and understand more easily the dysfunctionning.

Application is available for free on Android or Apple.


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