Technological partners

The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software to configure, control, command and monitor heterogeneous smart city device networks.

TALQ provides answers to the main challenges of building really smart cities including increasing safety and comfort for inhabitants,  reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide, raising cost efficiency for operators managing a smart city. proposes a global supervision solution dedicated to public lighting.

Energy saving, reduction of CO2 in the city, automatic identification of failures and alarms, monitoring and real time control, security improvement in the city, solutions also allow to create an environmental and communicating network for the city software allows configuration and remote control of segment controller (i.LON from Echelon).

Echelon has created LonWorks® technology. Citylone is manufacturer and partner of Echelon; our PLC products are equipped with a neuron chip from Echelon.

Depagne proposes a range of materials for junction, protection, low tension electricity distribution, dedicated to public distribution network, including public lighting network.

Easytech is a tool from Nanoelec, helping companies to value technological developments and transfer of competences for small and medium companies.
With this collaboration, Citylone beneficiate from opportunities given by information and communication technologies (TIC) to improve our products or develop new ones.

Pioneer in micro and nano technologies, LETI is a research institute from CEA TECH. It develops innovative solutions and answers to today’s challenges for clean energies, health, durable transportation and information technologies.
In collaboration with LETI, Citylone develops new innovative technologies for public lighting.

Minalogic is the competitivity pole for digital technologies in Rhone Alpes region. The pole helps its adherents in their innovation projects in order to increase their development and worldwide diffusion.

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Auvergne Rhône Alpes region supports development of its SMEs : Citylone’s export development project has been selected by the region and Citylone had the opportunity of being granted a subvention to explore new international markets !

Associative partners

The idea of Cluster lumière is to support collaborative projects between members of the Cluster in the files of research and development, experiences, demonstrations, presentations… Member since 2008 , Citylone implies itself in the Cluster Lumiere, participating to thinking groups, conferences…

Association Française de l’Eclairage (French association for lighting) is the meeting place for all of those who has an interest in lighting, even from different areas. Citylone is member of AFE since 2009

LonMark International: Citylone has chosen an open and interoperable protocol for PLC with LonMark®.

LonMark® International association gathers the different actors of the LonWorks® network. Its aim is to promote action of its members and LonWorks® technologies, but also to help the members working together to develop new open and interoperable solutions.