Supervision equipments

Management solution with information feedback need a supervision to provide the collected data. In its position of material manufacturer, Citylone develops a large network of partners developping software which can easily adapt to your needs.


Citylone’ solutions are interfaced with following software:

  • Supervision (data collect and configuration)
    • StreetLight.Vision (Itron)
    • CityLinx (BeeZeeLinx)


  • GIS software (information gathering)
    • CityAPP (groupe VINCI)
    • SagaWEB (Roch services)
    • SmartGeo (GISmartware)



To accelerate the development of this partner network, Citylone has joined TALQ consortium  ( which aims to define a standard communication protocol between materials and software to make compatible all the public lighting and smart city management solutions.


Our products can be interfaced with many other partners, feel free to contact us for any questions.