SL42 is an outdoor lighting controller using Power Line Communication (PLC) technology and communicate on LonWorks® network.


SL42 must be placed amongst the ballast in the pole of the luminary. Its box (IP42 in ABS V0 and Polystyren Choc V0) has been specially designed for integration in a small pole (90mm). It can be fixed by a screw or with a bracket.


It is especially adapted to management of magnetic ballasts. Indeed, its box as a defined location for capacitor which must be moved for a good functionning of the installation.
It is equiped with pluggable connector and has an integrated infrared sensor in order to be configured with a simple remote controller.


SL42-FD-1T : this version of SL42 allows management and dimming of magnetic ballast (patented system) as well as powering of an additional output (to manage powering of festive lighting, wifi acces, video surveillance… )
Available in autonomous version (-AM), driven (-P) or remote managed (no letter).


On demand, SL42 is also available in DALI, 1/10V or ON/OFF version (thanks to consult us for more information).



Main documentation SL42

On demand :

Remote management :  Technical documentation , User guide

Autonomous : Technical documentation , User guide

Driven : Technical documentationUser guide