Remote controlled solutions – a total control on your outdoor lighting for more energy savings

Public lighting sometimes need a complete and precise management; you must be able to modify different parameters, to save historical data, to be sure that each luminary is working well in order to avoid insecure places and maintain a constant service.
Citylone remote controlled solutions, with supervision system allow to answer all these needs and even more. Our remote controlled management solutions are amongst the most efficient on the market.


Each pole is equiped with a controller (SL42 for magnetic system (patented system), SL31 or SL21 for electronic ballasts). Each controller receives orders and send informations to segment controller in the electrical cabinet. Information can then be accessible on a website thanks to a GPRS modem, wifi, radio… to allow analysis of received data and parametring of the installation.


Each lighting point can be managed in real time and remotely: consumption follow up, energy savings, maintenance cost optimization, additional equipment powering (camera, wifi access…) and switching on and off, and dimming of the lighting.
System can be interfaced with other software such as maintenance software.


Largest energy savings

Precise dimming and possible programming on the whole year thanks to an integrated calendar

Data historical and analysis of the luminaries operating

Failure detection : ballasts, lamps, etc.

Maintenance optimization

Compatible with different ballasts in the same segment