Around 15 % of Citylone’s turnover is invested in Reasearch and Development. Citylone has obtained ‘Entreprise Innovante’ label from OSEO (public investment bank for innovation).


Innovations subjects are numerous in an area such as public lighting, where new technologies appear every day. Main areas on which Citylone works in 2013 are LED management, presence detection, and management of RGB Luminaries.




LED development is a complete change for public lighting and Citylone thinks thouroughly about management products dedicated to this new type of lighting. Citylone will soon propose for sale a new controller, integrating at the same time ballast and lighting controller in order to manage LED in totality. Its configuration allow it to drive up to 4 groups of LED with multiple lighting configurations. Flexible it can power ranges of LED luminaires from  20 to 100W.
Launch : 2nd semester 2013
More information : Preview SL LED


Motion detection and light path


In pedestrian areas or with low traffic, best way to save energy is to light only when it is necessary. The area is lighten with a low intensity and as soon as presence is detected, area is automatically lighten to 100 % for a determined time. Light path will allow to lighten progressively luminaries juste before the person who moves and switch them off just after the pedestrian has goned under the luminary.

More information : Preview Light path


RGB management


Nowaday, LEDs and colors allow lighting designers to create atmospheres, to modulate lighting according to determined scenarii… Citylone develops color management solutions either in autonomous, driven or remote managed solutions.