SL-Easy : Bluetooth programmable solutions

Citylone proposes simple local solutions locales, cost cutting, without subscription or supervision.  These solutions, which can manage electronical ballasts, can be configured directly by your smartphone, in Bluetooth. This solutions combines strengths of powerline and easyness of Bluetooth.

SL-Easy is made of two modules at the cabinet (SL-EASY-BLE which receive information from the smartphone in Bluetooth and  SL-EASY-PROG which send configuration by powerline to all controllers of the line) and myCitylone application (which can be download free on  iOs and Android).

This solution allows to configure SL11 (DALI controller ), but also SL21 or SL31; you can also add theses modules on the cabinet on existing installations to upgrade them.

SL-Easy offer a management of dimming at fixed time. System can also integrate  a Citylone’ sensor and manage its configuration from the application.

More information : SL-Easy documentation

Application myCitylone pour paramétrage solutions de gestion