SL Eco

SL Eco is a non communicating controller which allow simple energy savings.
It is easy to install ; delivered pre-parameterised to simplify your work, but installer can easily modify the parameters with an infrared remote controller.

SL21 – Ultra compact controller

SL21 is an ultra compact lighting controller, dedicated to managemetn of a lamp. It can be installed either in the luminary or in small junction boxes.
You can drive electronic ballasts ; SL21-E-M-T allows to drive at the same time, but independantly a DALI ballast and a 1/10V ballast in remote controlled solution.
Its versions equiped with a dry entry contact allow to be connected to a sensor of the market (Citylone sensor can be directly connected to the DALI contact)


More information : documentation SL21

SL31 for electronic ballasts management

SL31 can manage electronic ballasts (DALI or 1/10V) in dimming or ON/OFF. Modules with dry entry contact can also be connected to a sensor of the market to get a lighting adapted to the presence (Citylone sensor can be directly connected to the DALI contact)


Available in autonomous version (-AM), driven (-P) or remote controlled (-T), these products also get a measure option to measure U, I, Cos Phi and T° (more information on the option to measure : Focus option measure)


Documentation :


Documentation SL31 télégestion – Documentation SL31 autonome – Documentation SL31 piloté

On demand :

Remote control : Documentation technique – Technical documentation

Driven : Documentation technique – Technical documentation

Autonomous : Documentation technique – Technical documentation

SL42 for magnetic ballasts management

SL42 is a powerline technology controller on LonWorks® networks, dedicated to magnetic ballast.


SL42 is made to control magnetic ballasts: you can save energy keeping the existing magnetic ballasts. The SL42 box has been especially made for integration in small poles (90mm square)


The box also integrate a place for the capacitor which must be moved for the well operating of the installation. The high technology of the controller permit to check if the capacitor has been moved and protect installation in case of wrong cabling for capacitor.
It is equiped with infrared sensor to configurate it with a simple remote controller


Availabe in autonomous mode (-AM), driven (-P) or remote controlled (-T).


Documentation :


Documentation générale SL42 – Documentation solutions pilotées ferromagnétiques SL42Documentation solutions autonomes ferromagnétiques SL42

On demand :

Remote control : Documentation techniqueGuide installation

Autonomous : Documentation technique , Guide installation

Driven : Documentation techniqueGuide installation

Smart Lighting Box

SmartLighting-Box® is the solution to your needs: all in one cabinet solution, it is made of a unique module, which integrates an astro-optimized configurable clock, a bi-directionnal communication system and a web portal.


This system helps you to manage all your cabinets in the same interface, to know and control consumptions, to receive alarms (line which did not switch on, open door…) to program lighting on a calendar…


More information : documentation SmartLighting-Box®