Our services allow you to approach efficiently your new installation

Citylone proposes a range of products and technical solution which, even if we give the highest attention to their simplicity, sometimes need some help for installation, or a specific training to be used in the most optimized way.


Our design office is also available before your project. We work regularly with lighting offices to find new solutions adapted to their needs and their innovation volunteer. Each project is examined and if no existing solution is find, we can develop with you a dedicated solution. Mastering of our product conception allow us to be very flexible and our company know how to be reactive so that time to market be smallest as possible.


All our products are delivered with installation guide ; we are also available to assist you during the installation : phone support, on site assistance if needed, dedicated or multi company trainings… Citylone teams are here to help you so that you become expert for your next installation, for installation or management of your current installation.


For remote controlled solutions, we can also propose services such as :


  • Programming of lighting point: this service include creation of the map in the SLV interface, preparation of the project in SLV Design (parametering, times, configuration and comissionning of Citylone nodes), configuration of segment controller (sending of parameters to the iLon from SLV design), checking of well operating installation


  • Supervision data hosting and communication to get access to your web portal.


Feel free to contact us for any request : citylone@groupe-arcom.com