Detection sensors

Citylone proposes presence sensors to provide optimized lighting: reduce lighting which get back to higher level when citizen are detected
Lighting controllers (SL31 or SL21) are installed on each lighting point, as well as Citylone presence sensors, or radars, detection loops…
Each controller is set to answer to presence sensor orders.
The area is lit in standby mode, just to markup the area. Each time a pedestrian or a vehicule is detected, lighting controller send lighting order to the luminary it controls or to all luminaries of the area. After a determined time (configurable), area get back to standby level.


Main advantages :


No need for additional powering :
Citylone sensor is directly powered by DALI
Wiring is easy as only 2 wires has to be connected


For more information : focus solutions de détection Citylone

Detecteur de présence orientable pour éclairage publicSL-DP002-EDA-CITYLONE
Détecteur de présence SL-DP001-EDA Citylone