SL31-EDA4 LonMark® certified

Citylone’s products use powerline technology and LonWorks® protocolopen and interoperable protocol ; this way of functionning is part of fundation of our products.


Recently, we have propose our main product, SL31-EDA4 to LonMark international association for certification. Product has been fully tested and it is now officially LonMark® certified.


LonMark® certified products guarante easiest installation with other LonWorks® products (example : other communication nodes of different manufacturers, other elements such as iLon, segment controller…). All certified products have been carefully checked in order to confirm they are in adequation with LonMark international Interoperability Guidelines. This certification is another strenght, but of course, all other Citylone’s products respect LonWorks® standard.


A new step towards a complete and certified interoperability !